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By system
    2021-01-28 18:01:15.990Z2021-02-20 22:00:06.052Z

    Ask questions about the forum, make suggestions, report bugs.

    This forum uses Markdown syntax. If you're not familiar with Markdown (a limited version of which Discord uses), check out a cheatsheet. This site has its eccentricities but most of that should apply.

    As a bonus, it also takes HTML! So if you want extra linebreaks, through a <br /> in there; if you want a custom image sizing, you can use the HTML img tags instead of the Markdown shorthand. Fair amount of flexibility, should you want it!

    One thing that isn't totally supported yet is manual iframes. Any YouTube links, so long as they have line breaks around them (i.e. each link gets its own line), should generate an embed... ditto for some other common sites.

    If you need to host a file over 1MB, you can use the channel Pfeilstorch hosting. DM me for permissions/to be added to the Inexact Sciences group (or have the channel permissions updated to be shared with your personal account).

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    There are 20 replies. Estimated reading time: 9 minutes

    1. suspendedreason
        2021-02-12 04:24:37.765Z2021-02-12 04:36:58.883Z

        Storky storks

        Did some doodling while listening to a 'cast. If you like any, comment and I'll turn it into a lil icon/favicon. Alternatively, DIY inspo!

        1. crispy
            2021-02-12 04:34:08.742Z

            These are really fantastic, I didn't realize how much artistic talent you had!

            Here's a few of my favorites, with nicknames

            The Anger


            Get Fucked, Carry On

            Slightly Less Abstract

            A few thoughts:

            • Probably a hybridization of Abstract and Slightly Less Abstract with maybe of just a little bit of _Angry) in there would be optimal.
            • I kinda think we should have text like this style
            but break-it up as "PFEILS/TORCH", also because "torcher" is a natural word that I'm assuming we'll end up using - I can't decide if actually something more detailed like this, but angry, would be better:
            1. In reply tosuspendedreason:
                2021-02-12 22:23:27.553Z

                I like this fellow

                1. In reply tosuspendedreason:
                    2021-02-14 03:09:01.910Z

                    Little less friendly in this version. Still working on the others.

                    (Not an artist so if anyone else wants to try their hand or chip in, feel free. I know Beiser has strong opinions about aesthetics...)

                  • B
                    In reply tosystem:
                      2021-02-12 08:14:31.717Z

                      bug report: on iOS, in a safari in-app webview, I had to zoom out manually to get to the bottom of the signup page to click the button

                      1. B
                        In reply tosystem:
                          2021-02-12 08:29:20.127Z

                          how do i pronounce pfeilstorch

                          1. suspendedreason
                              2021-02-12 16:55:21.488Z

                              Fail-stork, German for arrow stork, see

                              1. In reply tobeiser:
                                  2021-02-12 20:32:01.802Z

                                  @veryragged has pointed out I'm wrong on this, it's (fittingly) pronounced "file storage"

                                • In reply tosystem:
                                    2021-02-12 22:07:21.640Z

                                    If people have feelings about nested comments, feel free to chime in. Still trying to figure out the right balance between forum-style and Reddit-style

                                    1. suspendedreason
                                        2021-02-12 22:40:20.230Z

                                        There are probably some cases (e.g. this thread) where having each comment be a high-level issue, and everything replying to it nested, is best. And then some cases where keeping the thread rolling, in a fluid discussion instead of all broken up, is best. I guess we'll just have to feel out the differences that count.

                                        1. Bbeiser
                                            2021-02-15 02:12:37.031Z

                                            I’m sorta against them—I already feel like i’m chafing against the limits of per-point discussion. Would rather have dissensus-style linked quoting, maybe even with 4chan style backlinking if that’s easy to do.

                                            1. suspendedreason
                                                2021-02-15 14:55:47.612Z

                                                Backlinking would rule. This seems possible but I'd have to write the JS myself, so it might take a little while. Lemme poke around see what's out there.

                                          • B
                                            In reply tosystem:
                                              2021-02-17 01:50:44.819Z

                                              constantly confused by the theme—in particular:
                                              – unvisited thread titles are light grey
                                              -- visited thread titles are black

                                              This reads the wrong way around to me.

                                              1. suspendedreason
                                                  2021-02-17 02:24:33.511Z

                                                  Yeah CSS is gonna be wonky for a while because it all additions are overriding an existing, unchangeable stylesheet.

                                                  I could just (and am tempted to) pull a CSS reset. But good report, I'll grab the class names and start fixing.

                                                  1. In reply tobeiser:
                                                      2021-02-17 02:26:53.490Z

                                                      Are you mobile primary or desktop primary? I'm never on my phone so that part of the site is less well styled. But would be good to know for future bug reports

                                                      1. Bbeiser
                                                          2021-02-17 06:10:28.656Z

                                                          I go back and forth, as well as tablet, but I see this one on all three.

                                                      2. P
                                                        In reply tosystem:
                                                          2021-02-17 15:25:01.178Z

                                                          What is the public/private expectation here? Will Pfeilstorch be crawled? Just want to be correctly circumspect.

                                                          1. suspendedreason
                                                              2021-02-17 16:01:51.782Z

                                                              Yeah I'd say basically the same expectations as eg LessWrong. It can be externally linked and gets crawled, and backups will exist of the data.

                                                            • In reply tosystem:
                                                                2021-02-20 20:54:13.161Z2021-02-20 21:06:51.006Z

                                                                Hey guys, minor announcement!

                                                                Per @hazard's request, we've added some experimental functionality on posts. If you quote a post from Op, the quoted section will be highlighted in the original post itself, with a link to the quoting comment. The idea is to replicate some of Google Docs' line-by-line comment functionality. The links are two-way: you can navigate from the quoting comment to the quoted line and vice-versa. Here's an example (see top-level post for the backlink):

                                                                One thing that isn't totally supported yet is manual iframes.

                                                                Right now, only the very base functionality has been implemented, and crudely—down the road, I'd like to:

                                                                1. Figure out a system to handle multiple commenters quoting the same line
                                                                2. Make the backlink-highlighting optional (so you can quote without adding the markdown highlight, if desired)
                                                                3. Extending the functionality across comment quoting (i.e. not just for op).
                                                                4. Ensure formatting is preserved in altered quotings/quoteds.

                                                                In the meantime, send your bug reports/feedback/feature ideas over!

                                                                1. In reply tosystem:
                                                                    2021-03-13 18:57:30.020Z

                                                                    Had a weird glitch today where a Crispy comment was displayed with my text body and display name. Something is up with the store so if you see something weird, lemme know and I can try to replicate.

                                                                    Logging a long-term feature proposal: separation of "posts" and "threads." Posts have nestable comments, and the top-level post is visually dominant. Threads have non-nested comments, and the top-level post is visually equivalent in weight to all preceding posts. Posts are more like lectures with a Q&A session afterward. Threads are more like open-discussion seminars.