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thread for rabbit-holes

By beiser
    2021-02-24 01:42:52.070Z

    discussing online is hard, it requires precision, it asks the user to laser in to find a clear point and whittle it down to nothing. frequently, the results will be worth little either.

    exploring online is easy and fun, as well as being generative! this is a thread for posting links to sites with at least 1000 hours of content on them, which the reader has found some kind of power or generativity inside.

    I'll start with Roberto Unger's website, which contains everything the man has ever written—every article, every book, etc, sorted by focus and topic:

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    1. crispy
        2021-02-24 06:58:04.205Z

        Online Emulator with many, many videogames:

        Videogames have meant a great deal to the way I perceive reality, chewing on how to write a few posts for this.

        ...and I love this thread idea, excellent work

        1. In reply tobeiser:
            2021-02-25 21:14:22.172Z

            Pete's Deontologistics is definitely a labyrinth/rabbit hole. I haven't explored a ton but wanna continue.

            Television Without Pity is a serious archive, though I can only recommend Jacob Clifton's excellent recaps (of Farscape in particular).

            There's Gauss PDF, of course. I think I've found 3 or 4 great texts out of the maybe 20 or 30 I've tried though... Like many conceptual projects, it can be hit or miss, the highs are high and the lows are common.

            And Ubu Web needs a shout-out. Some incredible content. Kenny Goldsmith's greatest creation.

            1. In reply tobeiser:
                2021-03-15 18:16:39.887Z

                Adding Bloggingheads. Big archive and I've watched only the tip of the iceberg, but there's an interesting cogsci channel with Yale folk, one called Science Faction seems to have interesting vids. Old interviews with Freddie DeBoer, Jonathan Haidt, Joseph Henrich, Dan Dennett.