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Diagrams / Imagistic Thinking

By suspendedreason
    2021-02-26 00:43:29.830Z2021-02-26 00:56:43.311Z

    @snav shared some cool diagrams he's been working on. I feel like I've been wanting to diagram more, and also have some already up my sleeve.

    Kicking it off with one that's still very half-baked, but hopefully a start in trying to point at something I've been wanting to articulate for a while.

    And here's the one mapping incentive structures, from The Surrogation Matrix:

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    1. suspendedreason
        2021-02-26 04:12:17.497Z

        I think what I'm realizing is the spectrum is actually/also a temporal progression, and illegible is on the left extreme and stranded indexicals is on the right, with legibility in between

        1. In reply tosuspendedreason:
            2021-02-27 18:40:06.331Z

            Second attempt. Still an incoherent mess, but getting somewhere