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Rolling paper thread

By suspendedreason2021-03-05 21:23:48.640Z

Are you a RAW guy or OCB? I kid.

Post papers you think are worth reading, or of interest to others, as you come across them. Somewhere between link dump and open discussion.

Kicking it off with a Friston et al paper, "A formal model of interpersonal inference", which has some worthwhile overviews of the field (microsociology + facework + game theory) plus consideration of some relevant challenges (explosive complexity, recursive theory of mind, etc).

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  1. B
    beiser2021-03-17 06:19:59.718Z

    guess you guys will be stuck without a copy of "Jurkevics 2015"

    just kidding, here you go:

    1. B
      In reply tosuspendedreason:
      beiser2021-03-17 06:21:54.255Z

      i liked this one, simple but powerful thesis: