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Community MetaSPB192021-02-20 22:29:03.320Z
Diagrams / Imagistic Thinking

@snav shared some cool diagrams he's been working on. I feel like I've been wanting to diagram more, and also have some already up my sleeve. Kicking it off with one that's still very half-baked, but hopefully a start in trying to point at something ...

Inexact Sciences22021-02-27 18:40:06.331Z
Predictive Hermeneutics: MEGA THREAD

What is predictive hermeneutics, you may ask? Luckily, @veryragged and I have written an entire paper explaining it: "Predictive Hermeneutics" (PsyArxiv) Predictive processing, a meta-theory from cognitive science and computational neuroscience, prop...

Cultural Capital72021-02-27 17:27:23.600Z
Metonym Megathread!

Nietzsche, Truth & Lies in a Nonmoral Sense: What then is truth? A movable host of metaphors, metonymies, and; anthropomorphisms: in short, a sum of human relations which have been poetically and rhetorically intensified, transferred, and embellished...

Inexact Sciences42021-02-27 17:09:13.338Z
new status marker just dropped

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Inexact Sciences02021-02-26 03:06:26.663Z
Dual Process Theories Are Broke: Part 1.1

(written for a diff target audience than this forum, but with content that's relevant. Mostly me doing a sort of ritualized-public-renunciation of my old ways) The Hidden and Biased Brain As a teenager I went on a multi-year pop-psychology reading bi...

Meat Machines32021-02-25 21:47:24.678Z
thread for rabbit-holes

discussing online is hard, it requires precision, it asks the user to laser in to find a clear point and whittle it down to nothing. frequently, the results will be worth little either. exploring online is easy and fun, as well as being generative! t...

Inexact SciencesB22021-02-25 21:14:22.172Z
Dual Process Theories Are Broke: Part 1.2

(written for a diff target audience than this forum, but with content that's relevant. Mostly me doing a sort of ritualized-public-renunciation of my old ways) (sequel to Dual Process Theories Are Broke: Part 1.1) Bundling Drives and Cognitive Abilit...

Meat Machines02021-02-25 14:34:36.766Z
Alex Boland: Narrative Engineering

Complexity vs engineering Lessons for the Inexact Sciences Pfeilstorch and extraordinary science Discussion post of Alex Boland’s “Narrative Engineering”. A lot of provocative stuff in this essay for us. Markets as anti-inductive. Godel and completen...

Inexact Sciences42021-02-24 06:56:38.953Z
The World's Answering Machine

And I said, I said, ‘I spent the week deciding Kant was the first Modernist, then spent the weekend discovering that Clement Greenberg called Kant the first Modernist. Which is exactly what I hated about childhood the first time around: you thought y...

Maps Meta12021-02-24 06:48:41.845Z
Explain icons...
The Game: Academics, Autodidacts, and Institutionality

Randall Collins, The Sociology of Philosophies: A Global Theory of Intellectual Change: Visualize a small number of particles—three to six—moving through a tunnel of time; each draws energy from its past momentum, renewed and accelerated by repulsion...

Game A22021-02-23 17:58:37.344Z
Probability as a Mental Model is Bullshit

This should eventually be a longer, more eloquent post so I can properly hide behind eloquence when making Bold Statements, but @suspendedreason is always telling me that I need to just write. Epistemic Status: distilled and filtered to the purest of...

Inexact SciencesB82021-02-23 03:06:16.253Z
Strategic Interaction Mega Thread

Link to channel of resources and readings.

Strategic Interaction12021-02-20 23:27:52.465Z
Goffman 1969: Strategic Interaction

Gonna keep notes, thoughts, and raised questions here as I work through the book. Strategic Interaction is divided into two essays, "Expression Games" and "Strategic Interaction." The opening sections of "Expression Games" are incredible: succinct, c...

Strategic Interaction102021-02-20 22:45:16.088Z
About Pfeilstorch

This is an in-progress info page. Feel free to direct any questions or comments to, or post in the comments. All knowledge is about the same thing, which is the working of the world. And since the workings of the world are b...

Community Meta22021-02-20 21:47:48.573Z
Linguistic reference on the fly

Cross-posting from Spilled Reality for discussion / archival. Linguistic carvings have fitness to a function or use, and/or a generic fitness to a set of functions. The basic Roy G Biv color scheme—and purple is now usually substituted for indigo and...

Words, Words, Words02021-02-20 18:43:18.037Z
The surrogation matrix

Cross-posted from The "thing in itself" (which is precisely what the pure truth, apart from any of its consequences, would be) is likewise something quite incomprehensible to the creator of language and something not in the least ...

Surrogation02021-02-20 18:36:50.368Z
time for a new art mag?

fixated lately on Rudnick making the rounds in big pubs with his rose sale. seems like it’s time to pull the wagons together and launch a “grift” (a respectable art publication, [spiritually] based on the west coast, with an eye towards moving the ar...

Cultural CapitalB62021-02-19 14:23:02.276Z
The rule of pragmatic reader-response

That is, for the purpose of an evaluated subject, what matters is only what the evaluating body interprets or understands. While there is no correct answer as to the meaning of "meaning"—that is, as to what the real or true meaning of a text is, whic...

Words, Words, Words02021-02-17 22:06:28.966Z
I before E, except after C

I want to work through a very simple illustration of some surrogation mechanics, to hopefully lay groundwork for future thought: There’s an old spelling rule from grammar school, “i before e, except after c.” It’s a heuristic, or rule of thumb—it isn...

Surrogation02021-02-17 20:43:03.136Z
Ontology is what fills in the details

(I Was getting bored and losing motivation writing this, so I switched to a more brutalist writing style to get it out. This was prompted by a convo with @snav the other week) Ontologies are sort like programming languages for concepts, but with a lo...

Inexact Sciences52021-02-17 14:26:58.732Z
Have you watched Terence Malick's masterpiece To The Thin Red Line?

Cultural Capital52021-02-17 02:59:19.478Z

Spin-off from the Predictive Hermeneutics megathread, which is not just a theory of art-making but an approach to art-making that Dewey 100% sets up. I know @thechickenman is into his education theory, which I don't know much about but wanna learn. I...

PhilosofollyB52021-02-17 01:37:32.084Z
Every seemingly innocent fragment... every seemingly innocent fragment of information is secretly plotting how to escape its context and cause trouble We need a name for this. Sure, the general phenomenon is indexicality. But ...

Words, Words, Words02021-02-17 00:44:29.772Z
music as non-neutral // hyperpop as the sound of atomization

one of the holy prescripts of our age is that taste is beyond reproach, cannot be read into, is merely preference. this has mostly been good because it's kept us away from some of the dumber arguments and dick measuring contests of performative dista...

Pure AuralityB82021-02-17 00:24:38.529Z
Concepts Are Tools, Not Artifacts

Cross-post from: The delightful John Nerst points out that we have more of a problem organizing and moving around knowledge than we do creating it. I think we need a Conceptual Log...

Maps Meta82021-02-14 05:57:09.758Z
Will the Truth Set You Free?

@suspendedreason and I were discussing Moldbug's piece about Scott Alexander and he told me the following, saying we should take it to the forum: Selection mechanisms rule the world, and a selection mechanism that rewards actors/bullshitters/scammers...

Rationalist Meta22021-02-14 02:33:57.930Z
Nobody Leaves (Ryszard Kapucinski)

Starting a topic as proof-of-concept, and also for discussing short essays on observed collective living written after the "thaw of 56" in which Stalinism softened its hold and Poles could publish a bit more honestly.

Book ClubP32021-02-13 16:39:52.114Z
Annihilation Fridays

I would like put forth the following tradition for review by the community: Every Friday (henceforth known as "Annihilation Fridays") we shall throw all desire and pressure to have good-faith arguments for positions we see no evidence for to the rubb...

Inexact SciencesB132021-02-12 22:12:34.183Z
Non-human intelligences

Been reading Frans De Waal's Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are? and wanna start a mega-thread on animal intelligence. Will post excerpts as they come up. Starting the thread after discovering a Wikipedia entry on causal reasoning in n...

Meat Machines52021-02-12 18:33:05.289Z
Songs of Siam

Thailand, Laos; funk, jazz, psych, it all goes. View on YouTube Soundway's anthology is probably the best entrance point. View on YouTube This is collection of Thai Lao Morlam songs sung by two top singers Mr. Sathit Thornchan and Ms. Duan Penn. In '...

Pure Aurality32021-02-12 18:21:31.853Z
Deviance vs conformity

From Szolnoki & Perc 2016 The most common assumption in evolutionary game theory is that players should adopt a strategy that warrants the highest payoff. However, recent studies indicate that the spatial selection for cooperation is enhanced if an a...

Superorganisms02021-02-12 17:46:21.789Z
Bartering in Balinese macaques

Springer link: Sci-Hub: We've talked before about macaques before, in the context of Jessica Flack's work on complex organization and signaling: ...

Strategic Interaction22021-02-12 01:37:38.092Z
Other Kinds of Inference

cross posted on: In 1822 some people in what is now Germany were like: "Yo, isn't that an African arrow in that stork's neck?" Sure enough it was, and this lead to a lot of progress on the...

Inexact Sciences02021-02-10 18:22:21.430Z
Nomothetic vs Idiographic

Wikipedia entry Nomothetic is based on what Kant described as a tendency to generalize, and is typical for the natural sciences. It describes the effort to derive laws that explain types or categories of objective phenomena, in general. Idiographic i...

Inexact Sciences12021-02-10 07:31:30.485Z
Other kinds of inference?

Crispy's always saying, there are other kinds of inference, there are other kinds of inference! I'm not sure I get what he means, but I trust he'll show up in the comments and set us all straight. Possibly relevant: Why was causation tabooed from 20t...

Inexact Sciences12021-02-10 07:25:00.121Z
Suspended Reason — TIS Outline

Why are institutions so dysfunctional? Why can’t we have good things? The game-theoretic abstract (Moloch, who drives us into non-productive competition) is settled. What remains? A better grounding of defection as it unfolds in games Adversarial pla...

Inexact Sciences02021-02-07 00:44:28.367Z
"Where are we headed?": Manifestos, personal projects, outlines repository

Recently, Natural Hazard kicked off a little informal manifesto-making w/r/t what topics we're interested, what we wanna write about & figure out together. Gonna use this space as a top-level index of individual posts... If you want to have yours up,...

Inexact Sciences02021-02-06 16:40:16.941Z
John Cassavetes

I've only seen Women Under the Influence but it was fantastic. Peli Grietzer recommends Faces and my friend Leo Harding-Hill says Husbands is great. View on YouTube

Cultural Capital22021-02-04 16:28:16.977Z
general theory of signaling

general theory of costly, explicit signaling just dropped: No preview for Twitter tweet: [TyE0LNPV] View on Twitter

Link Dump02021-02-04 09:11:26.919Z